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We are entering March and the summer should be just round the corner - yipee!!  Cadets will restart sailing 22nd April and in order to prepare ourselves for the water, we need to re register everyone.  Priority will go to returning cadets however we anticipate having space for potential new members.  We hope to run an informal race programme as part of the Tuesday evening sessions to challenge the more competent members.  PYC Cadets also have a new boat to add to the fleet, a Feva compete with asymmetric spinnaker to add to the fun.  Sessions are open to all returning members and those aged 8 and over (school year 4). As last year, we will need to charge a nominal fee of £1.50 per person per session to contribute towards the cost of hiring a Senior Instructor.

I would like to invite all cadets, parents and prospective members to a registration evening on Tuesday 25th March at Plym Yacht Club between 18.00 and 19.30.  During the evening, there will be a rigging and safety demonstration as well as an opportunity to ask questions and feed back your thoughts.  These demonstrations will be repeated on the first sailing evening for any who miss them, however cadets will be expected to have participated in one of them before they will be allowed on the water this year.  To try and maximise our time on the water, we value parental assistance setting up and packing away the boats so if you are unsure, please join in as well.

 In order to participate, members need to be paid up. Details of membership fees can be found on the Club website or by calling in to the Club House.  A temporary 2 week taster period is available for potential new members.


Cadets will be required bring a wetsuit - a supermarket one is adequate however we recommend a full length suit rather than a shortie.

Waterproofs worn over a wetsuit help keep you much warmer.

Wet boots are optional but make things much more comfortable.  Go Outdoors stocked them last year.  They can be bought online but beware, experience has shown us that sizing is vague at times!

PYC has an adequate selection of buoyancy aids, however if you have one or you have been coming for some time and are considering investing in one, please bring it.

Opportunity for parents / younger members

We have the potential use of an Enterprise, a more substantial boat capable of taking adults or children.  I would be interested to hear from any competent dinghy helms who would be interested in using this to take either younger members or parents for a sail on cadet evenings.  If two or three competent helms are available, we could put you onto an informal rota.

 Feel free to forward this to members not included in the email list

 I hope to see you at the registration evening, please feel free to email any questions to me on:-

 On behalf of the Cadet Team                                                                               Matt Crudgington

Sponsors of the cadets

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Our cadets photo with their trophies from Port of Plymouth Sailing Association Dinghy Regatta.

Tim and Ryan got rookie winner, Peter got rookie second and he got endeavour trophy for yesterday. PYC wipes the board.


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  Hi all                                                                                                                                           19/3/2014

  Just to let you know that we, through Matts's endeavours have acquired 2nd hand rib, engine and trailer via e bay at a total   spend of £1555.20 against an agreed budget of £4000. A little money may be needed to spent to bring up to scratch but   everyone involved in purchase is of the opinion that it is ideal as a second safety/instruction RIB.

  Well done Matt and let's hope that we will be able to improve the standard of tuition to our cadets. 2016 Rio is a bit close but   2020 maybe!


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