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 This is the trophy. The DCP Trophy for the best log presented through the year. Put pen and pictures to paper and win this magnificent trophy (only for the year unless you produce another masterpiece next year). It is a block of glass beautifully inscribed in the best possible taste

If you’re interested keep your eye on this page to keep abreast of the latest moves and any offers of help or useful suggestions would be appreciated

Unfortunately the cruising section is still laid up at the moment due to the poor weather over the last two years or so that has rather scattered the fleet hopefully only temporarily. We are badly in need of a fleet skipper to round them up, organise them and take them to exotic places in the East, West and South of Plymouth and encourage them to explore the local hostelries and restaurants at their destinations and produce a log to win the DPC trophy for the best log..

7 day Wind & Weather Forecast for Plymouth

#1s1 RAME HEAD NCI ( Day light hours only.) CURRENT WEATHER &SEA CONDITIONS AT = 9.30  - 12.30 -  16.30 #c2 #1s1 #c3

For anyone fancying CRUISING in COMPANY and planning a trip somewhere can put a meeting place (say Dunstone buoy 10.00 hrs. for 10.30 hrs) and a prospective destination and perhaps the staying time and anybody else interested can put their name forward to join them. Cancellations can also be put on.


Just put your name , date, destination (if you’re going somewhere) or any other the box at the bottom and click send

CRUISING Tide Tables 2018

This years Tide tables