Club Traditional Boxing  Day Walk


This has become a regular walk for Boxing Day. We meet at Plymbridge car park, on the Plympton side. We meet at 10.30am and when all have well met we go along the Plym Valley Walk towards Bickley Bridge. To cater for all walkers of different endurance the order is to walk for an hour and quarter towards Bickley Bridge at you most comfortable pace and then turn round and come back on the assumption that all will arrive back at approximately the same time. Previously we had a warm mulled wine awaiting plus lemonade and Pringles at the meeting place.  One year there was too much snow on the road to Plym Bridge so we started at Coypool instead but just about made the walk up the Plym Valley track and back.

This year we are going back to the Club for the free Mulled Wine or Soup etc..


 Plymbridge Car Park

Larkham Lane

Cot Hill

Plymouth Road