The Winter Walks were started early in the life of the club in the 1970’s  by Brian Corrie and were continued by Geoff Green, Danny Sargent over the intervening years and now by Rocky who’s walking is fading so a new leader is urgently needed. They are roughly once mid-monthly from October to March at different venues and are about 4 - 5 miles long and invariably end at a Pub for a lunch or snack if wanted.  The idea is to meet together for a chat and fresh air in the winter months when there is no sailing. Children and dogs are most welcome on the walk but some Pubs don’t like dogs but as we usually meet and park at the Pub they may have to be left in the car, the children as well if you wish.

The annual Whisky Walk is to celebrate the club. It was initiated by Brian Corrie in the seventies to be as close to the founding date in March 1970 (I’m afraid I don’t know the exact day) to go up the Plym to its source but obviously they got tired so they stopped before they actually got to the source. Very close by in the river is a rock which was duly named Langs Rock after the clubhouse, Langs House.

Here the Plym and all who sail on her are toasted with a tot of whisky plus a tot (only ONE and small) for the Plym herself. Having emptied  the bottle, a very important necessity, those who attended sign their  names on a piece of paper which is then placed in the empty bottle and sealed and buried opposite Langs Rock and the site noted (this  causes much head scratching the next year). The next year the bottle and list is retrieved the toasting is repeated and a new list and the empty bottle is buried. One year the site of the bottle couldn’t be remembered but was found a subsequent  year so the site is closely monitored now (we hope).

Another year a couple of young members took their own small whisky bottle moved  our bottle site leaving their smaller whisky bottle in the original site with a set of new directions They were upset that they couldn’t attend the real ceremony as they were still at university on the appointed day and came to have their own ceremony.

The only other walk date carved in stone so to speak is the Boxing day walk at Plym Bridge. The walk is along the Plym Valley cycle path to Bickley bridge for the long and fast walkers or the various turn offs to the path longside the  river back to the car park for the slower and shorter distance walkers where mulled wine or lemonade is available.


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This years winter walks schedule under new management (good old Rachel)

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The lost whisky bottle

Langs Rock

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