Our membership application packs are available to pick up from the clubhouse.

We hope that you will find the contents of our website and membership pack of sufficient interest to encourage you to apply for membership.


Then please consider which type of membership will suit you.
The reverse of the Application Form gives details of each type of membership.
We ask that you read this before completing an Application Form.
White Form for a Voting Membership, Green Form for Associate Membership.


Once you have completed your details on the Application Form, the form needs to be signed by one of our `Flag Officers’ following a discussion with you.  You will usually need to visit the Clubhouse for this to be completed, please.  Our House Steward, Mr. Frank Maunder will point the way to the appropriate people for you to see.

The opening hours of Plym Yacht Club are given in the enclosed leaflet.  As a guide, Wednesday and Friday evenings are likely to be the best time to visit.

If you are uncertain and wish to see if Plym Yacht Club is for you and/or your family, we offer a TASTER Temporary Membership for a period of 4 weeks, during which time we hope you enjoy the club facilities and will consider becoming a long-term member.

The same procedure as outlined above will apply.  In this case you should mark the top of the application form TASTER and indicate in the membership type box the type of TASTER membership which interests you now and which is then likely suit you at the end of the TASTER temporary membership.

If in any doubt before proceeding with your application, kindly contact me by e-mail  I will be pleased to help. Otherwise, you may telephone the Clubhouse 01752 404991.

The Commodore, Flag Officers and Committee thank you for your interest in Plym Yacht Club.

Arminell Rule (Mrs)

Membership Secretary

We have a variety of membership packages and benefits. Application forms are available from the clubhouse or contact our membership secretary

Membership TypeNotesPriceEntrance FeeDepositVotingUse of
Use of Club FacilitiesEligible to
enter boat in
Cadet Entry Eligible for
Club Mooring
Sign In
FamilyWhole Family including Spouse/Partner and Younger Family Members aged up to 18 years£99£20*-YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES
FullOne Adult Member aged 18 or older£66£20*-YESYESYESYESNOYESYESYES
Country FamilyResiding outside a 30 Mile radius of our Lang's House Clubhouse £49£20*-YESYESYESYESNONOYESYES
Country FullResiding outside a 30 Mile radius of our Lang's House Clubhouse £37£20*-YESYESYESYESNONOYESYES
OverseasFor all individuals residing outside the U.K. for a period of 10 months in any Club Membership Year£9.90*--NOYESYESYESNONOYESYES
Associate FamilyWhole Family including Spouse/Partner and Younger Family Members aged up to 18 Years£70-£20*NOYESYESNONONOYESYES
AssociateOne Adult Member aged 18 or older£49-£20*NOYESYESNONONOYESYES
Associate JuniorOne Junior Member aged between 18 and 25 years£25-£20*NOYESYESNONONOYESYES
Temporary VisitorLimited to 12 weeks in any one Club Membership Year. Price is per person per week£5*--NOYESYESNONONONONO
Taster TemporaryLimited to 4 weeks in any one Club Membership Year. Payment deductible from a subsequent membership subscription£20*--NOYESYESNONONONONO

* Payable with application and non-refundable except in the case of not being elected to membership

New membership subscriptions are charged on a sliding scale from 3 months into a membership year

SUBSCRIPTION RATES : Our subscription rates are unlikely to increase before 2019

Subscription rates SPECIAL FEATURE FROM 2012:

  • Elected to membership on or after 1st October, next subscription due on 1st October following year
  • Elected to membership on or after 1st April, next subscription due on 1st April following year

All Details correct as at 01/12/2017



Taster Temporary Memberships

The payment is deductible from total payment due should you decide to take up a Plym Yacht Club membership type of your choice.  As a Taster Temporary Member, you would be entitled to the use of the Club Premises and expected to abide by the Rules of the Club.  You would not be entitled to enjoy all the rights and privileges of a fully paid up member, for example, `signing guests in’ `entry to Club races’ `attendance at General Meetings of the Club’.