Yacht Cruising

Cruise Safely

The RYA SafeTrx app monitors your boat journeys and alerts emergency contacts should you fail to arrive on time.

RYA SafeTrx is an app for both Android & Apple iOS smartphones that allows you to track your journey (in UK territorial waters) on your phone.

RYA SafeTrx provides all recreational boat users, particularly dinghy cruisers, PWC users, RIB users, canoers, kayakers, wind and kite surfers and smaller boat users with an easily accessible and simple to use means that can inform HM Coastguard of their voyage plans and dynamic location in the event of distress.

This app is freely available to anyone who wants to be safer afloat. It is free to download and there is no charge to use it.

All you need to do is create an RYA website account then download and use the app on your smartphone.

Looking For Inspiration

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