Royal Air Force ASR/MCS Dinner at Langs House

Christmas dinner for the ASR/MCS club South West branch held at the Plym Yacht Club. Well attended by 29 members, some coming as far afield as Falmouth and Bristol.

The 3 course meal, cooked by the resident chef Kevin Jones, was very well received and a good night was had by all.

The ASR/MCS club meet at the PYC every last Monday of the month.

For those uninitiated in Armed Forces acronym’s.   ASR/MCS in full is Air Sea Rescue/Marine Craft Section.

The ASR/MCS, formed in the Royal Air Force in 1918 becoming a branch in 1947. With the motto “The Sea shall not have them”.

Surprisingly to many. They operated over 1000 vessels all over the world as part of the Royal Air Force.

By the end of the second world war more than 8000 aircrew and 5000 civilians had been rescued. In 1986 The branch was closed when helicopters proved to be able to fly in all conditions supported by the RNLI where necessary.

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